John Rubino joined us for our Monday chat. Now that the real economy has once again asserted itself and we see no and low growth breakout across the planet, what's going to happen next? A giant dose of QE has done nothing to help Japan as it heads back to recession. China's credit situation continues to deteriorate. But the price of art and collectibles at Christies and Southeby's continues to hit records. What's going on here and what's next? John has some definite opinions on the subject.

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1.  Swiss referendum                    

                - Articles - "Call to the Swiss" - published Friday; "the most prescient statement ever made" - publishing today, of Ferdinand Lips' 2005 prediction the SNB would be forced to buy back its gold at higher prices; and "He Doth Protest         too much - the best of Thomas Jordan" (publishing tomorrow), of the incredible MSM and SNB propaganda battle against the initiative, which is clearly more likely to pass than not.


2.  From the article, the "Three Death Trends," the impact of falling oil prices, collapsing currencies, and expanding currency wars


3.  Pitiful U.S. economy, as characterized by negative reports in construction spending, durable goods orders, factory orders, and today's industrial production

                -Article - "Chasm of Destruction," regarding the largest ever gap between rigged financial markets and horrific economic data

                -2000 level valuations, sentiment and leverage, in both the U.S. and Europe, amidst worst economy of our lifetimes


4.  MASSIVE Japan GDP miss, printing this morning at -1.6%, versus expectation of +2.2%


5.  Largest Chinese bad debt increase in a decade


6.  Euro 3Q GDP print of just 0.2% on Friday


7. G-20 boondoggle, attacks on Putin - who made Russia's largest gold purchases ever last month


8.  Record PM backwardization, surging silver open interest ahead of next Monday's Dec COMEX options expiration, rising premiums, record demand


9.  Mining companies feeling incredible pain at current prices


                -First Majestic holding back production, Silvercorp hinting at cutting production, IAG cutting staff, earnings beyond miserable as year-end reserve calculations, capex budgets, and production plans loom

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