Our old friend Joe Messina joined us for a look at the election and the resulting pop-up riots that are taking place. For the peaceful and tolerant left, what can explain their anger and the ir violence. They're in denial over the election and why they lost. They have no desire to accept the truth and therefore will not be set free!

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Ed Martin joined us to discuss the significance of Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. Ed is highly hopeful and optimistic that Trump prevailed and has a vision for the future. Will he be able to drain the swamp, that's an extremely difficult task that will take an incredible effort and a realization of what he's up against. Our thoughts are with the president-elect on this one. 

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What a difference a day makes. We went from the possibility of the election of Trump being the end of the world to instead being a major catalyst for a major stock market advance. Did anything that major really change? Craig Hempke thinks not and that you still need to be prepared. The debt is out of control and shows no signs of being tamed. And are the Chinese dumping US Debt? What's next for gold and silver? 

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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • America being torn apart politically, economically, and socially
  • Economic destruction of post-Trump markets, and impossibility of Trump making good on promises
  • Indian cash ban, extremely ominous
  • Monte Paschi bail-in, Italian referendum, etc.
  • PM smash, outlook
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Lew Weiss is a long time manufacturer who still puts in 70 hour plus weeks. He's involved in forging metals, a lost art in America. He's all for Trump's efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, but isn't too optimistic. There's many reasons why these jobs left the country and until they're addressed, nothing will change. He does believe that drastic changes in tax policy, regulations and Obamacare would make a big difference as far as getting new businesses and jobs started. Hopefully these changes will be forthcoming shortly. 

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