Nadine LaJoie immigrated legally to the United States. It was an extremely difficult arduous task, but she insisted on becoming a legal resident and was eventually successful. Now she's concerned about the lawlessness on the US's borders and is advocating that the rule of law be restored. Imagine how unfair it is to people who have done everything right and honestly to become citizens? They see illegals being pandered to and a blind eye turned on criminal behavior and they wonder what has become of our once great nation? 

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Bix Weir believes that everything in our country is rigged, so why not the election? His theory is that once Comey re-closed the case against Clinton that was the indication that the good guys had won and Trump would be selected as the winner. Is he right? 

But what will Trump do when he takes office? Can he really Make America Great Again? He certainly has his work cut out for him. However, the Donald Trump that I know is a workaholic and will spend all his waking days to achieve his goals. He will surround himself with other workaholics, such as Rudy Giuliani who share a similar vision. He will certainly have his share of failures, but successes seem inevitable too. Obviously, fighting corruption is a major goal and test of his leadership. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something better, building the Wall and regaining control of our borders and wholesale reform of taxation and the ghastly IRS Code are definitely on the drawing board too. 

Knowing his work ethic, and his family's, his close associates, my guess is that his agenda for the next four years will be completed before he files his change of address form at the bankrupt US Postal Service. The first 100 days are the key to a successful presidency and his honeymoon promises to be unlike any other. He will bend the Congress to his will, certainly in the beginning and get things done. Deals will be made, but when The Donald negotiates, he always comes away with most of what he wants. 

And if Bix Weir is correct, that's exactly how he won this election. 

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