It's been a tough election for the candidates, the country and the world. Unfortunately, once it's over the fun begins. The country has many serious problems that have been neglected for decades. These problems and their solutions certainly favor resource stocks, which is why Dan Ameduri is looking towards this sector for growth in 2017 and 2018. And based upon the success of his prior recommendations, it's a good bet he'll be right again. 

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Best selling author Ed Klein was back. His new book, Guilty As Sin, has hit the top of the best seller list. Ed was the first person to break the Hillary health issues in his last book, Unlikeable. Now he details the corruption and law breaking with many tales from many different observers. He admits he made a minor mistake about misnaming a restauranteur in Chappaqua, but stands by everything else in the book. Serious reading for a serious time in history!

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We're one day away from the Election. John says the markets are calling it for Clinton and barring a Brexit type upset, she will be the next president. Is it just another example of market rigging to help support the current meme or are the markets functioning properly and actually discounting the future? Let's stay calm, sit back and watch what unfolds. 

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