Richard Groden's company IslandSky has plans to change the way mankind gets vitally needed water. Richard was on a trip to South America and hit upon the idea of simply extracting the airborne humidity from the atmosphere. It would be an inexhaustible supply that could be harvested in humid climates as well as arid climates. Thus was born the line of SkyWater machines. From a household unit to larger commercial machines, his dream has become a reality. They're very economical and they produce higher quality H2O than many municipal water systems. Something that the world has been waiting for. 

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Kirk Du Plessis is a full-time options trader, real estate investor, and stay-at-home Dad. Option Alpha, which started as a small blog has quickly grown into one of the industry's most respected authorities on options trading with more than 5.4 million visitors each year and 30,000 active members representing 42 different countries. Each month Option Alpha coaches thousands of people from all over the world. Kirk and his team shows them how to consistently make smarter, more profitable trades while also boosting their confidence.

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All of a sudden Facebook, Google and Twitter have found religion. They're going to eliminate Fake News. But seems like the definition of fake varies, depending upon your political persuasion. The Left views all conservative news sites as fake. Sites like Breitbart, Drudge and others. Will they succeed? I wouldn't count on it. 

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How do you rescue the economy? Well John Rubino knows that it will take way more than an election. The debt is still out there and only going up. With the infrastructure bill that will certainly be passed and expanded military spending, the debt has nowhere to go but up. Until the new economic system is implemented, there will be no relief. 

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