Pet Hug has been in the precious metals sector since 1974. He's one of those rare individuals who experienced the last bull market and crash. Armed with this knowledge he's particularly well-suited to have a clear perspective of the current market. And he's Director of Trade for Kitco Metal, and everyone who listens to this show knows Kitco. Peter's guardedly optimistic on Gold for the coming year for many reasons, among them the propensity of central banks to inflate their way out of any economic slow down. With Peter's long involvement in the sector, I wouldn't bet against him. 

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Aaron Clarey, a/k/a Captain Capitalism, is at it again. He's got a solution for the nation's pending debt implosion. Rather than cut spending or fuel economic growth, sound goals in and of themselves, the Captain proposes that the Fed simply print up another $20 trillion over time and buy up stocks around the globe. Over time its portfolio would yield huge dividend income and presumably appreciation, as they bid up the price of the entire market. In fact, Japan and other countries are already doing this. Can it work or could it just accelerate our march to financial oblivion? We'll probably never find out. 

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Greg Crowe, CEO of Silver One, was bitten by the mining bug long ago. Holding two geology degrees, he wracked up an extremely successful career, working around the world bringing projects online. He was enjoying a comfortable and happy retirement when the Silver One opportunity presented itself. Greg gladly came out of retirement to take this one on. And for good reason, there's three extremely promising projects that look like potential big silver producers, which is why yours truly is an investor in the company. And we're thrilled that Greg has partnered with FSN to tell this extremely compelling story. 

Find the company at

Stock symbol: TSX-V:  SVE  OTC:  SLVRF  FF:  BRK1

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William Kelly has been trying to reform Chicago's corrupt system for years. As a candidate for mayor of Chicago and as a radio talk show host. Even though the state of Illinois and the City of Chicago have been collapsing, he hasn't given up hope that they can be saved. He's working tirelessly and his new book adds impetus to the effort. Will Trump's victory help save the city and state? 

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What's going to happen next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • OPEC "deal" - give me a break!
  • INFLATION expectations
  • Physical vs. Paper PM market disparity
  • Today's article, the "giant pink elephant in the room" - of surging interest rates!
  • Etc, etc.
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