Dr. Gerard Lameiro called 46 out of 50 states before election night. Without voter fraud he might have called them all. Rasmussen Polling even sent him congrats. He and I believed that Trump was going to win the election almost from the beginning. Now Trump has triumphed and they're trying to recount his victory out of existence. But it's not going work, it's too little too late! 

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A one of my favorite performers, Will Rogers said, "Every time Congress passes a law it becomes a joke and every they make a joke, it becomes a law." John and I have hit upon a unique solution to ill-governance, the Comedian Party. With the possible upcoming Italian election of funny man Beppe Grillo and the recent election of reality tv start Donald Trump, the benefits are becoming quite clear. Comedians are the least likely to bring a country to war. They have the unique ability to make people laugh in the most miserable of situations and their best humor is based upon current events. Here there's no shortage of material for sure, so let's start electing people who have a sense of humor, asap!

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Damion Lupo joined us for a post election review and what you need to do to take advantage of the coming opportunities. It's the age of the entrepreneur and a lot of the victim mentality and working the system will be gone soon. The producers will once again reign supreme. And we can hardly wait. 

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Master of terror in several genres, Terry Goodkind talks to us about NEST, his newest and most thrilling novel.

What would you do if you could see true evil... And you discovered that evil was staring back at you... No matter where you run, no matter where you hide, it sees you. It can reach out and touch you.

With NEST, Terry Goodkind launches a new series of contemporary thrillers with a supernatural look into the nature of mankind; a search that takes you to the very origin of what it is to be human. From John Allen Bishop's basement to the harrowing halls of the Darknet, this pursuit is relentless. A great book not to be missed. 

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