Lew Weiss is a long time manufacturer who still puts in 70 hour plus weeks. He's involved in forging metals, a lost art in America. He's all for Trump's efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, but isn't too optimistic. There's many reasons why these jobs left the country and until they're addressed, nothing will change. He does believe that drastic changes in tax policy, regulations and Obamacare would make a big difference as far as getting new businesses and jobs started. Hopefully these changes will be forthcoming shortly. 

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Our resident expert on self-defense, George Matheis Jr., joined us today. His family has been involved in law enforcement since the late 1800's. He teaches courses in self-defense and preparedness. Everyone is concerned about these manufactured riots that have been sweeping the country since Trayvon Martin. They're obviously fraudulent by nature and bought and paid for by George Soros. Before going to an unfamiliar city and taking a chance on stumbling upon a riot, do some research. Find out where the unsafe areas are, where a pop-riot could occur and plan accordingly. Remember that your vehicle is much better off when moving than when standing still. Better to flee the scene than to have to make a stand. There's lots more common sense tips here. 

Direct download: George_Matheis_Jr_15.Nov.16.mp3
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Ivan Eland is guardedly optimistic on the coming Trump Administration's foreign policy. The conciliatory signs with Putin's Russia, other countries getting over the election upset and Trump's desire not to get involved in Syria all point to better times ahead. In addition, Ivan's also hopeful that China will force North Korea to start acting sanely. 

Direct download: Ivan_Eland_15.Nov.16.mp3
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Jordan Goodman has changed his view on President-Elect Donald Trump. The stock markets are partying like it's 1999 and it's blue skies ahead. Trump will reform the tax system bringing in trillions from overseas, he will abolish Obamacare, free business of unneeded regulations, reform government, drive out the corruptocrats and make America safe for capitalism once again. Well perhaps he's not the Second Coming but at least he has an idea what to do, unlike all the others. Interest rates will be rising, but that's necessary for a growing economy. 

We're a little skeptical. Remember, the song Happy Days Are Here Again was written for the inauguration of FDR. It took WWII to get us out of that one. What will it take now? 

Direct download: Jordan_Goodman_14.Nov.16.mp3
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David’s book Return on Principle: 7 Core Values to Help Protect Your Money in Good Times and Bad made Bestseller status on Amazon on Day 1. Dave originally planned another book but tore up the manuscript because he realized that this is the book that investors need right now. The timing is right…we started January as the worst stock market in history and have experienced many ups and downs since then…Dave often says,” it looks like 2007 all over again.” Is it really deja vu all over again or is this time really different? 

Direct download: David_Scranton_14.Nov.16.mp3
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John Rubino joined us today for a look at Trumpian Economics and Trumpian America. Making America great again is all well and good. But there's a number of problems standing in the way of that lofty goal, $20 trillion of them. How will Trump handle the debt? Is there anything he can really do? Where are we heading? 

Direct download: John_Rubino_14.Nov.16.mp3
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The "OJ" murders took place June 12, 1994. Then there was a low-speed car chase and finally a trial and an acquittal. Ret. Detective Tom Lange was there for all of it. Over 22 years later they're still doing TV specials about it. As Tom says, "As long as they can make money off of it, it will never go away." So if you're still interested, Tom has updated his book Evidence Dismissed to reflect that latest off the wall theories and pseudo-documentaries about the case. You'll get the inside scoop on what really went down and how Judge Lance Ito allowed a true miscarriage of justice to occur. And you'll get Tom and his late pattern's take on all the players. And you'll find out about that glove that didn't fit and led the jury to acquit. 


Direct download: Tom_Lange_09.Nov.16.mp3
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Nadine LaJoie immigrated legally to the United States. It was an extremely difficult arduous task, but she insisted on becoming a legal resident and was eventually successful. Now she's concerned about the lawlessness on the US's borders and is advocating that the rule of law be restored. Imagine how unfair it is to people who have done everything right and honestly to become citizens? They see illegals being pandered to and a blind eye turned on criminal behavior and they wonder what has become of our once great nation? 

Direct download: Nadine_Lajoie_08.Nov.16.mp3
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Bix Weir believes that everything in our country is rigged, so why not the election? His theory is that once Comey re-closed the case against Clinton that was the indication that the good guys had won and Trump would be selected as the winner. Is he right? 

But what will Trump do when he takes office? Can he really Make America Great Again? He certainly has his work cut out for him. However, the Donald Trump that I know is a workaholic and will spend all his waking days to achieve his goals. He will surround himself with other workaholics, such as Rudy Giuliani who share a similar vision. He will certainly have his share of failures, but successes seem inevitable too. Obviously, fighting corruption is a major goal and test of his leadership. Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something better, building the Wall and regaining control of our borders and wholesale reform of taxation and the ghastly IRS Code are definitely on the drawing board too. 

Knowing his work ethic, and his family's, his close associates, my guess is that his agenda for the next four years will be completed before he files his change of address form at the bankrupt US Postal Service. The first 100 days are the key to a successful presidency and his honeymoon promises to be unlike any other. He will bend the Congress to his will, certainly in the beginning and get things done. Deals will be made, but when The Donald negotiates, he always comes away with most of what he wants. 

And if Bix Weir is correct, that's exactly how he won this election. 

Direct download: TLR_408_10.Nov.16.mp3
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Bix Weir joined us for a discussion of the Good Guys' election victory. Bix knew that a Trump victory was inevitable after hearing that Comey had dropped the renewed investigation into Hillary's email server. He's of the opinion that the Clintons will get a pardon and their cronies will be fully prosecuted. It was all done in the name of a smooth transition of power. It is just a matter of The King is Dead, Long Live the King, or is there more going on? Will the next crash occur before Trump is inaugurated or after? Many interesting questions for which the answer will soon be known. 

Direct download: Bix_Weir_09.Nov.16.mp3
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CEO Murray Nye has big plans for Winston Gold Mining. He's put together a world-class team who have done it several times before and is seeking to replicate past successes. They've acquired two high-grade gold projects and plan to quickly advance both of these assets into low-cost, profitable mining operations. And it looks like they're well on their way, with their recent private placement being oversubscribed. Drilling is underway and Murray is hoping that the results will follow. Since the areas in which their projects are located have a rich history of producing large quantities of the yellow metal, the odds are good that new discoveries will be forthcoming. 

Direct download: Murray_Nye_09.Nov.16.mp3
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What's Happening Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

It's over! Now we can all get on with our lives, as if we haven't been already. While the establishment elites have been defeated, the market rigging continues unabated. Last night gold was up $60 the ounce. This morning, after almost going negative it's up $12. The Dow has turned positive. The King is dead, long live the King! Nothing really changes, until it really changes. And we're a while away from that. Massive change and disruption are on the way, be prepared!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_09.Nov.16.mp3
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When does your financial advisor work for you or for someone else? That's an important question that not enough investors ask. It would be nice to know if your advisor is getting paid to put you into certain investments that might not be in your best interest. There's no free lunch and either you pay your investment advisor or someone else will. You just just need to know whom. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_08.Nov.16.mp3
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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier hasn't been a Trump loyalist from the beginning of the election cycle. He was bothered by a number of Trump's off-putting qualities. Now he believes that barring some last minute miracle, it's going to be Hillary Clinton. We'll know this evening is he's right or not. 

Direct download: John_LeBoutellier_08.Nov.16.mp3
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Best selling author Ed Klein was back. His new book, Guilty As Sin, has hit the top of the best seller list. Ed was the first person to break the Hillary health issues in his last book, Unlikeable. Now he details the corruption and law breaking with many tales from many different observers. He admits he made a minor mistake about misnaming a restauranteur in Chappaqua, but stands by everything else in the book. Serious reading for a serious time in history!

Direct download: Ed_Klein_07.Nov.16.mp3
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We're one day away from the Election. John says the markets are calling it for Clinton and barring a Brexit type upset, she will be the next president. Is it just another example of market rigging to help support the current meme or are the markets functioning properly and actually discounting the future? Let's stay calm, sit back and watch what unfolds. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_07.Nov.16.mp3
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Mickey and I sat down for our monthly market review. Stock markets were down along with the metals. Gold -3% and Silver almost -7%. Copper seems to have found a little support and was unchanged. Dollar has a substantial 3% move. Bitcoin rose 15%. Oil down 2% and Natgas rallied up to 3.03. Uranium is still in a world of hurt, hitting the skids at 18.75 per lb. Volatility has returned with a vengeance. Is it all election related or is there something deeper happening. Stay tuned for next month's review!

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.Nov.16.mp3
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Don Mazzella gives us his opinion on the Election and Obamacare's impact upon it. The huge premium increases are having an impact. There's virtually no hope that it can be salvaged and it's blowing up now. How will the voters react. 

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Ralph DiBugnara, expert in real estate finance, believes that regardless what happens in this election, the RE market will not be greatly affected. The reason is simple, interest rates seem to be locked for the foreseeable future, even if the Fed decides to raise rates in December. The market hasn't gotten out of control as it was in 2006, the fundamentals have completely changed in the past decade. If incomes rise and millennials start home shopping then the future would certainly be brighter. 

Direct download: Ralph_DiBugnara_02.Noc.16.mp3
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In today’s world there are more and more small businesses. A lot of those businesses start from a small idea but often don’t succeed due to lack of a proper business plan or the inability to grow their business efficiently.

As small business entrepreneur learning what steps to follow in order to make your business profitable is key. Insight into how to make more money in your business, how to systematize your business, have better operations, and also to learn the most advanced marketing tools would give you a step up in the business world.

Rashid Brown uses his book “Careergonomics: A Practical Guide for Mastering Personal Development and Employment Success in the 21st Century” to provide insight into how you can optimize your business’ growth while freeing up some time. His experience in the industry lends him the skills necessary to assist you through the steps needed to build a strong and competitive business.

Direct download: Rashid_Brown_02.Nov.16.mp3
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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today's article, "all-out political war" - on what the election campaign has become, and what America faces in 2017;

Yesterday's article, "what will be the Fed's excuse this time?" - on how the Fed's ultimate mea culpa is rapidly approaching, as soon as next month if (when) Trump wins;

Gold and silver rapidly approaching their 200 month moving averages of $1,303/oz and $18.93/oz, respectively.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_02.Nov.16.mp3
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Noted anarchist Jeff Berwick sees the end of Hillary Clinton's run for president. It's obvious that the Powers that Be are turning the screws. With Wikileaks has there been too much attention for them to accept? It does seem that the worm has turned. But what does it really mean if Trump is elected? Jeff believes that Hillary and Donald are just two flavors on the same ice cream cone. Trump is into big government and militaristic adventurism. Is he right? We might just find out next Tuesday. 

Direct download: Jeff_Berwick_01.Nov.16.mp3
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Noted physician Dr. Elaina George has been spearheading the effort to empower patients and to find viable alternatives to the broken healthcare system. She gives solid examples of what you can do to save money and start taking control of your healthcare spending. 





Check them out and see what it's like to manage your healthcare and spending and take control. 

Direct download: Dr_Elaina_George_01.Nov.16.mp3
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Rev. Robert Bakke, says “Pastors need to stop living in financial fear.”

Robert Bakke, America’s fastest rising preacher, is doing what most pastors are afraid to do, which is publically endorse a presidential candidate. “I’m endorsing Trump because I’m not afraid of liberal blowback and I’m not afraid of losing my non-profit status,” says Bakke, “The future of America and the world’s economy is at stake.” Bakke says pastors and evangelicals must get to the polls to stop a Democratic platform that will bankrupt America both morally and financially.

According to federal law, churches that operate as a 501C (3) non-profit are forbidden from endorsing political candidates. Doing so could cost the church its 501 status, thereby eliminating the tax deduction available to congregants for their financial support, ultimately bankrupting the church. “The original intent of ‘Separation of Church & State’ was to stop the government from interfering with churches,” says Bakke, “Not to exclude them from the process.” Bakke says he’s taking the lead on this because his ministry operates as a for-profit ministry. “We’re not a 501C anything, “says Bakke, “Trump has committed to fight the language that restrains pastors and 501’s, so it won’t be long before all churches will be following our lead.”

Bakke, who is also an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author, strongly believes America needs a successful businessperson in the White House. “Many significant figures in the Bible were the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth, which puts Trump in good company,” says Bakke, who continues, “God is a God of love, power and wealth, and he absolutely loves it when America prospers. Pastors need to help get Trump into office if America is going to survive. God will provide the rest.”

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