Big SNAFU as Miami declares spring break state of emergency, a sign that things are getting back to normal. Too many people partying means things are getting back to usual. Small businesses in Miami are back making money. Drunks are big tippers. So much 

DeSantis is a genius and is on track to being 2024 Republican presidential nominee. John believes the Texas-Florida model will be shown by history to be the right move. 

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Masks Dr. F. It’s about time someone called out Mr. Doctor F. Starting to look like the entire pan-demic response was over done and uneccesary. And the fall-out is shocking. The sooner we get passed it the better. 

Markets still going higher and they’re flooding the system with cash. Nasdaq moves up and down 200-300 regularly. The Robinhood checks have gone out and things are heating up. The economy and inflation will pick up. Interest rates are heading higher. 

Will the money move into bonds now that rates are going higher? Volatility is guaranteed to pick up. John is short the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. Long periods of low interest rates cause people to borrow more and become overleveraged. 

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Today's mobile home park is nothing like you've been led to believe. While they're certainly not exclusive communities, most residents are hardworking people on their way up to a spot in the middle class. They provide affordable housing that has enabled many people to save for a home and move on up. They're usually well managed and provide excellent cash flow. Brian explains how they also provide investors with excellent returns and a great way to diversify real estate holdings. 

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