Doré Copper's CEO Ernest Mast believes that when it comes to mining, past is often prologue. (sponsor) He's acquired and continues to acquire a portfolio of successful past producing  projects that hold great promise for the future. The choice simple, its much easier and less risky to acquire and restart past producing mines . Often, they were shut down due to economic or technical reasons, rather than depletion of reserves. Restarting production is a far simpler matter, requiring minimal approvals and reduced investment. In addition, Mast is continues to consolidate nearby under or unexplored properties to further expand the resource. Ernie expects to release an updated 43-101 and PEA later this year. 

Doré's a 2700 tpd Copper Rand Processing Plant along with its  growing list of mines is part of a "hub and spoke" strategy to maximize the mill's economies of scale. High quality area  infrastructure helps facilitate this process. Add to that a quality local mine-oriented work force and you've got the makings of an efficient gold/copper producer with world-class potential. 

It's no wonder that Doré has found widespread support and investment from a variety of interested parties, from the Cree Nation, to the municipality of Chbougamau and numerous other companies in the area. 

With $4 copper and $1700+ gold, Doré is ideally situated to ride out the next commodities super-cycle turning in big profits for shareholders who have patience and vision, of which we'd like to include ourselves. (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF)

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