Joe Gissy has a long history in the finance sector. Now he's going all in on Robot trading. Will it work? Obviously bots can act faster, analyze more data and sift through patterns faster than any human being out there. But is that enough to turn in superior performance. And is this the beginning of Skynet? In the Terminator movies the computers takeover and use specialized robots known as Terminators to eliminate human beings. But perhaps all we they need to do is disrupt our markets and stop all financial transactions. The humans might self-terminate saving Skynet the bother. However, this appears to be the future and just like robots took over chess competitions, so too will go trading. 

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Retail silver is in very short supply. Mints aren’t producing enough for various reasons. How can it be? Answer, because that’s the way the market is structured. As Rick Rule says, “This market doesn’t not act properly at all.” Billionaires are losing their interest for precious metals and going all in on cryptos. Every day is a new day with fundamentals stronger than ever. Treasuries are rising to near 2%, which is way below the normal 5%. Debt is expanding to infinity. Once the rate goes higher, the problem will get worse.

Conviction, don’t give up the ship. Only buy physical or allocated from trusted sources and even then be careful. Who can you trust to hold your metal? 

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