When last we spoke with Nick Santiago the market was tanking but he was nearly certain that it would shortly head higher. He was recommending the homebuilders and retailers. Again he was right on the money. The market recovered a good portion of its losses and his recommendations have taken off. Now he's bullish on gold and the dollar. He sees the stock markets heading sideway until 4Q when it will be heading higher. Gold is heading higher but will probably see a pullback shortly. A remarkable record call these markets. 

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John Miller lives in Vietnam. His dear wife Monica was suffering from Stage 4 cancer and they decided to try stem cell therapy. Unfortunately the cells arrived at her time of passing. So they sent John 500 million cells derived from an umbilical cord. John received them and incredible things started to happen. His arthritis diminished greatly. His hair turned dark and his freckles and liver spots disappeared. He's feeling great and thankful to this novel treatment. We're not endorsing it or recommending it. We're just telling John's remarkable story. 

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