Now that California Senator Kamala Harris has thrown her hat into the presidential ring, the Medicare for all debate has been reignited. While it sounds great, we need only look at our neighbor to the north - Canada, or across the pond at the UK. Their experiments with socialized medicine have been a disaster. Long weighting times to see a specialist and to obtain a medical procedures have condemned many to increased suffering and death. Sally has no doubt that that's what would happen here. 

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Noted commentator and author Noah Rothman's latest book Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America, makes the case that Social Justice Warriors are a threat to our nation. As someone famous person once said, "They've learned nothing and forgotten nothing." Sounds like the very definition of an SJW. They just can' t quite grasp the notion of free speech and the Bill of Rights. They're under the misguided impression that rights spring from the government and not God. Hopefully they can still learn, but don't count on it. 

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Why buy Apple when you can own gold? For the past 10 years the stock market has been the place to be. Oversized returns have crowded out most other investments or speculations. That situation appears to be changing. Gold just broke the critical $1300 mark and to Ned that means let the good times roll. Silver won't be too far behind as it's about to break the $16 mark. 

Ag commodities have also been ignored. Ned believes that the Indian population's appetite for more calories is just taking off. A few hundred calories per day more added to the average Indian diet will lead to a massive increase in commodities/food demand. Ned thinks it won't be too long in coming. 

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