Noted tax litigator and author joined us to discuss the coming Big Brother IRS tracking systems. The IRS has spent a fortune bringing their systems up to date. They've signed up a company to build a massive database to allow the IRS to search, analyze and visual data to do real time tracking of taxpayers spending patterns. They've already got the data and now they're serious about doing something about it. They'll be taking your credit card info, bank transaction data, real estate, cellphone and email data and identify patterns and make them available to audit questionable returns. It's truly a frightening Brave New World

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Events over the past week have proven the Media for what it truly is, a mob of congenital liars. Witness the racist Covington kids tale and the Buzzfeed story about Trump supposedly directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Any pretense at objective reporting has now been blown out of the water. The press cannot be trusted and should not be trusted. That's why alternative media is so popular. But look out, the big three internet companies are censoring like never before. 

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According to Mason Weaver black Americans are being kept down on the Democrat Plantation doing their masters' bidding. Poverty Pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don't care about the community. They only care about their power and wealth. They've destroyed the black family and have created a culture of dependency, but Mason believes people are waking up and that the battle has already been won. Here's hoping that he's right. 

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