It's been a month since 25% of the government shutdown due to the Wall funding impasse between President Trump and the Democrats. Does Trump have a higher long term goal in mind by invoking the shutdown? Using the available legal tools at his disposal, is he going to take this opportunity to RIF (reduction in force) the government and trim away the deadwood. 800,000 non-essential employees are out of work. Will Trump make it permanent for several hundred thousand of them? AmericanThinker's Thomas Lifson believes that's exactly what he's going to do. Let's see what happens next. 

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We connected with Bill Powers of He's guardedly optimistic about precious metals and the miners. While it appears that the sector is still in a down market, recently encouraging signs have emerged. Relative strength in PM prices along with fundamental changes taking place in the industry could make 2019 a great year for investors and miners alike. 

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Lior Ganz believes a major paradigm shift in the global economy is about to take place. De-dollarization and the runaway deficits will lead to higher inflation and higher precious metals prices. One half of the country is living hand to mouth, in spite of record employment. How did that happen? In addition, gold has reached record levels in 72 countries, just not the US. Furthermore, the US Dollar returned more than stocks and bonds for the first time since 1969. All alarming stats that will lead to change. 

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