Danielle was always skeptical of the seemingly perpetual bull market in stocks and in fact wisely advised taking money off the table, to avoid the inevitable down cycle. Today, stocks are retreating from their 50 day moving average, another indication that the bear market has finally arrived. We'll know more over the next month, if stocks break their December lows. It will be further confirmation that the cycle has indeed changed. But is it worth waiting to find out for sure? Sometimes the cautious approach is the best. 

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Real estate investing was in Mark's blood. It was his family's business, but he never had the desire to pursue it. After exploring other paths, he committed to real estate and his career has taken off. As a flipper and a realtor, he has a winning formula for making money. He shares his secrets of his success on his website and has written 6 books. It's safe to say he's a mission to help Americans boost their wealth and their futures. 

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