Ron Hera, the extremely bright and knowledgeable proprietor of HeraResearch, came back on FSN today. Ron and I walked the floor together at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, and he's a regular guest of the show. There's so much happening in the world today that no one can keep track of it. But, that's why we have gold and silver. When things are really heating up, gold and silver tell us everything we need to know. Copper can give us a great look into commodity and resource demand and pricing, but when gold and silver go dramatically higher over time, we learn the real story about the health of sovereign debt and the ever expanding money supplies. Our advice is to watch their prices regularly, but don't get too involved in the short term fluctuations.

Ron had some interesting comments about the Casey-Brook debate that took place at FSN last week. Ron believes some elemental form of government is required to help us all live together peacefully and to protect the country from external threats. However, Ron also feels the system we currently have in place doesn't do a good job with anything it undertakes, and it's actually harming the economy and destroying opportunity in a wholesale manner. Excessive regulations, lawsuits, and taxes indubitably make us all poorer. So maybe it's time to start downsizing the public sector. 

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My friend Greg got a new toy. An Escort Radar Detector that is iPhone/Web enabled. The concept is simple. Your radar detector syncs with your iPhone/Android cellphone. You then become part of a vast network of drivers who automatically report radar and laser speed traps and cops across the continent. If there's a cop up ahead who's turning his radar on and off, not allowing your detector to pick it up, no worries, the network will probably already have gotten it and will furnish you with fair warning.

Another revenue raising parasitic governmental activity is red-light cameras. These devices insure that if you get stuck in an intersection due to traffic, you will receive a ticket in the mail. These cameras are intended solely to raise revenue, not to insure public safety. The network has a national database containing virtually every red-light camera in the nation. Plug in your phone and you'll be amazed how many of these dollar snatchers have been strategically placed around your city or town. 

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