At FSN, we never gloat or say we told you so. However, now we're going to make an exception! Jason Burack of appeared on the show at the end of January 2012, and he made an extremely great case for higher gold and silver prices. We were in complete agreement with his predictions last month, and are reveling in watching those predictions come to fruition this week. It is now the end of February, and silver's once again broken through $35, and gold's at $1780. These are clearly very nice runs for markets where the naysayers said the bubbles had burst.

Look for some bumps along the road, but this bull has got a lot more mileage left in him. And he's not going to stop until all the negativists have been broken. No, it won't be a straight line up. Naturally, there will be plenty of dips along the way, but that's perfectly normal in a healthy market. Just remember, if the trend is your friend, then this one could your best friend for life (BFF).

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Jordan Roy-Byrne of believes Warren Buffet's derisive comments about prices and why investors purchase gold are totally off the mark. While the Oracle of Omaha has had a spectacular investing career, in the past five years, gold and silver have far outperformed his company, Berkshire Hathaway. In February of 2007, the Berkshire shares were trading around $71. Today those same shares are around $80. Contrast this with gold, which was around $660 in February 2007, and today it's at $1780. Where would you rather have invested? Even going back to February of 2000, Berkshire was around $30, and gold was at $293. The results for the last 12 years show Berkshire is up 2.67 times, and gold is up 6.07 times. So much for barbarous relics! Gold has far outperformed Buffet and the rest of the market, by a long shot. 

Perhaps you should regard Buffet's comments about gold the same way you do his statements about taxes: very interesting but very ill-informed. 

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Nick Santiago, of joined us to discuss the re-energized boom in the precious metals and resource stocks. It's hard to believe he was once a wanna-be hedge fund guy, and now he's spreading his message to the people. Nick is big on education. He wants you to understand how you got where you are now and how to put together a plan to carry you and your family into the future, no matter how bright or dull it may seem.

Obviously metals are an important part of the equation. However, Nick believes learning how to trade, whether you buy one share of stock or nothing, is an essential skill everyone should possess. According to Nick, looking at the world through a trader's eyes can help you understand the economic world and  help you build wealth.

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