Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster, is back again discussing the imminent departure of Greece from the Euro. While it may seem extremely painful and destructive for now, in the long run it will be a plus. They won't be able to borrow money, which will force them to produce more at home and to build a sustainable economy. They will be on a COD basis with the rest of the world, but perhaps the Chinese and Russians will extend them some credit. And may be GE Capital will come to their rescue. Whenever there's a high profile bankruptcy stateside, GE is often seen rushing in wiht Debtor-In-Possession financing at reasonable rates with good terms. Because under the bankruptcy, their new debt gets paid before everyone else's. So perhaps they'll do the same for the birthplace of democracy.

Elsewhere, in the US things aren't looking a whole lot better. Bob foresees the right of basement revolutionaries. These are children who due to economic circumstances can't go out and buy homes for themselves, so they're forced to live in mom and dad's basement and make due. This generation has missed out on the American Dream and they're extremely unhappy about it. Will they start a new movement aimed at recapturing the American spirit and drive. We all hope so, but no one has seen them emerge from the basement apartments with pitch forks yet.

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