Chris Duane and I sit down after an enormously successful roundtable with David Morgan to discuss the market for enlightened free thought. While things on many fronts appear to be getting worse, and freedom appears to be under every increasing attack, more and more people are coming to understand the failure of the current economic and political paradigm and are seeking answers. That's why Chris, Sean (SGTReport), BrotherJohnF and so many others are finding ever larger audiences for their ideas and answers.

As Chris explains it, the BabyBoomers--of which yours truly is a member--are about to go down the economic river without a paddle. People who just a few years ago were looking forward to a comfortable and dignified retirement are now facing a lifetime of toil and hard labor. Retirement nest eggs have been devastated. According to Chris, the only hope is the immediate purchase of 1000 ounces of silver. Once the dollar experiences its ultimate demise, this amount of silver should be the ticket to many retirements, in style and with self-respect. While the future price of silver is always a matter of conjecture, its past increase has been meteoric, going from $4 per ounce a decade ago to $33 now.

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