Brother John F of is an amazingly popular blogger who's site regularly attracts many thousands of visitors. Through his YouTube Channel and his site, he's become a go to source of information about what's really going on in the economy. And we both agree, it ain't pretty. Declining employment rates, declining standards of living, and political instability are all indications of where the state of our nation and our economic prospects are headed.

However, John believes that you can avoid much of the economic deluge that is currently hitting our shores by the judicious purchase of silver. While the Financial Survival Network sometimes may appear to be a gigantic echo chamber, it is virtually impossible to get opposing viewpoints to go on the record. Perhaps they know something and don't want to leave a record behind. So folks like Brother John are left to spread the word and help us prepare. 

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Gary Gibson of and Jeff Berwick of join your humble host for a no holds barred discussion of why they believe anarchy is the best course for humanity. While one can question the practicality of a world without government, Gary and Jeff have really thought things through and believe that we are all grown-up enough to live without the guiding hand of all-knowing government. While this may or may not be the case, governments today are teetering on the edge. We may have no choice but to prepare for life without them.

Certainly government as it is now constituted, represents a threat to every individual's liberty around the planet. Whether it's getting into unnecessary wars, bailing out criminal financial miscreants, or spending their way into the poorhouse, there is something inherently wrong with government as it is now practiced. So if we can devise a transition to anarchy that will not result in humanity's descending into chaos, perhaps it's worth considering. In any event, discussion of anarchy inevitably leads to a discussion of the proper role and scope of government, and this is a debate that has been much too long in coming.

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David Morgan of and Chris Duane of Dont-Tread-On.Me join our second roundtable on silver investing. Did you know, based upon government numbers, the inflation adjusted price of silver, just to equal its prior high of $50 would be over $150 per ounce? If you were to use the true rate of inflation, pursuant to John Williams, the price would be over $400 per ounce. Right now, you can buy silver for less than $35 per ounce. Sounds like bargain basement prices to your us!

What form of silver to buy will vary according to your budget and other circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers. But David and Chris agree that Constitutional Silver--pre-1965 US 90% silver coins--should be part of anyone's silver inventory. After you have enough, then you can look at new US Silver Eagles, rounds, 100 ounce bars and anything else you so desire. Just beware of numismatic coins and make sure you understand the basics of coin collecting, if you choose to get involved there. But always be sure that you have a core holding of silver bullion. Lock it up and forget about it. Don't watch the paper price fluctuations, as this is simply a distraction that could make you start selling at exactly the wrong moment. 

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