We sat down with Mickey Fulp and while there's not a lot to be happy about, many markets have been going up since the first of the year. And as the old Wall Street Maxim says,  So goes January, So goes the Year. And you have to take your profits while you can get them. But of course you always need to have a core holding of gold and silver. The rest is extra money that you've hopefully been able to grow during the course of a very tough couple of years. There's absolutely no indication that anything has fundamentally improved of that any of the long standing, intractable problems have been solved, but Wall Street doesn't seem very concerned about these issues. But you should be, because one day they'll wake but it will be too late.

Copper's been heading down a bit since January, seems the Chinese have been hoarding it. And perhaps the most surprising developments, the US approved two new nuclear power plants to be built in Georgia and the Germans are restarting several shut-in nukes. While nuclear power's rebirth in the West has been greatly exaggerated, perhaps reality is now catching up. Uranium stocks haven't had much of a move recently, but that could be changing. 

All-in-all financial markets never surprise us with their unpredictability, and 2012 is proving no different. 

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