Things are going down at an escalating rate according to's Ty Andros. He believes the US and the World economies are contracting at rising rates. This is why the debt can't be paid. Real economic growth, which allows for servicing and repayment of debt is non-existent. Of course, if you just rely upon the official government statistics, you won't realize this. But when inflation is properly calculated, deliberate distortions, like implied rent being treated as income, are factored out and the picture looks quite bleak. 

Ty has said it before and so have many of our guests, buying gold and silver is the only way for the average working person to secure his/her future. We've repeated this admonition to you so many times in the past, but it really can never be repeated enough. Look at the average American or citizen from virtually an country; they own little or no precious metals. If they were fortunate enough to get the family sterling silver passed down through the generations, this could well be their economic salvation in the coming hard times. Thinking outside the box, and finding new ways to realize value from what you own and the services you can provide are the keys to prosperity in any economic depression. Don't sell your metals until you absolutely have to--this is sound advice that will make all the difference.

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