A new first for the Financial Survival Network--a virtual round table. Gary Wagner and David A. Banister joined me for a discussion about the current price direction of the precious metals and how best to maximize your profits. Strategy is everything. From personal experience, I can attest to the fact  there's no stronger intoxicant than a rapidly rising investment portfolio. Quick returns have been known to do in even the most experienced investors. Therefore, controlling your emotions and being open to advice from others can help. After all, learning from another's expensive mistake can help insure you don't do the same.

Gary and David agree the recent price increases in gold and silver are indicative of a major upward wave in prices. Right now, they believe gold is in a slight correction trend that shouldn't go much below 1690, if it goes that far. Therefore, buying on slight dips should prove profitable. Always remember, when an investment rises very quickly, it's quite possible it will experience a drop in price nearly as fast. And with your profits locked in, you'll be well positioned to invest in another asset with good prospects.

Send us your feedback. This is the first of many roundtables to help you prepare for the coming global financial reset.

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"Ranting" Andy Hoffman and I revel in the New York Giant's well earned Super Bowl victory. And of course we couldn't be happier with the Patriots' resounding and well deserved defeat. But while we are extremely happy on the sports' front, the economic arena continues to disappoint. While the Feds continue to release stupendous employment numbers, a closer look "under the hood," reveals a lot of statistical "hocus pocus" taking place. The economy actually lost 2.9 million jobs in January, but through the convenient magic of seasonal adjustments and the much maligned "birth-death" index, the reality is not so encouraging, to say the least.

What we actually have is a deteriorating job market and increasing unemployment. How do we scare that with the government's rosy scenario. Simple, it's election time and that means every statistic released by Washington is even more suspect than usual. The goal is to make the numbers look as good as possible to fool the public into believing the economy is recovering, when any thinking American knows the opposite is true. Will the Country wake-up, or are they beyond caring any longer? Being an optimist requires much hope, and even more faith in the ability of the public to honestly look themselves in the mirror and realize what's happening. Andy and I remain convinced this day of awakening is getting closer and closer. Let us know if you agree.

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When Mark Skousen started Freedom Fest in 2002 he didn't think he was giving birth to a movement. Now, it's a decade later and thousands of people around the world are aware of Freedom Fest and routinely attend its events. I caught up with Mark at the Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas last week. As a freedom loving person, Mark was anxious to create a place where fellow freedom lovers could gather and start fighting the ever increases governmental encroachments. Far from being a US phenomena, governments across the globe have had an ongoing undeclared war on individual freedom and rights. At first, the incursions were minor and seemingly innocent. Now, with the Patriot Act, SOPA and so many other anti-freedom acts, the real plan has emerged.

G. Edward Griffin has believed for decades that the ultimate goal of the global elitist financial cabal was totalitarianism and the extinguishment of individual rights. It now appears that his fears are confirmed on a regular basis. Freedom Fest needs to become a statement of mind and a global movement by individuals to reclaim their sovereign rights. Mark Skousen has made an excellent first step.

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