Ty Andros of www.Traderview.com, a speaker at FreedomFest's Global Financial Summit, believes the economic system and the Dollar, as it presently exists, are facing an extinction event. Not that humanity is, these currency shifts have taken place many times before and will continue. They are simply part of human existence and no matter how we try, we cannot change that reality.

The solution is to understand where you are in the cycle and invest your resources accordingly. Precious metals are certainly an insurance policy against the resulting chaos, and Ty believes Silver is your greatest ally in protecting and building wealth. As a believer in the Austrian School of Economists, Ty says that the current crisis was long ago foreseen, and it was unavoidable. Better to be prepared than to be surprised.

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I'm live at Freedom Fest's Global Financial Summit 2012 in the Bahamas. Trevor Bradley of Georgetown Trust joins me to discuss global banking jurisdictions. Georgetown Trust specializes in helping you obtain asset protection, management, and diversification. All of their work is offshore and is protected with respect to privacy and confidentiality. Trevor and I agree, Belize is one of the best banking jurisdictions out there. Belize has never had a banking failure in its history, and banks in Belize are regulated to keep a 24% liquidity rate all year round.

You need to consider offshoring a portion of your wealth. Investments offshore are not illegal. If you are thinking about owning precious metals, an account in Belize can be facilitated through Zurich. For more information contact trevor_georgetown@btl.net.

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We caught up with Peter Schiff of EuroPacific Capital at FreedomFest's Global Economic Summit in the Bahamas. Peter is never shy about voicing his opinion about the impending crash of the US Dollar and the fiat monetary regime. While he's been warning us about the inevitable collapse, he's putting himself on the line now and believes that time is running short. He expects the event to occur within the next 1-2 years and believes that in addition to living on borrowed money, the government is also living on borrowed time.

As he sees it, interest rates have been suppressed for so long, that they have no place to go but up. Once this occurs, printing and borrowing to somehow achieve solvency will come to an end and then the political establishment is going to have to get serious about controlling spending and ending debt based economics. The unfortunate result will be a decrease in American living standards, however, there is a silver lining. And that is, should the Country adopt sound economic policies, we will rapidly emerge from the quagmire as an opportunity based economy once again. 

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