Chris Duane on the Leap Day Metals Massacre--02-29-2012

Leap Day, February 29, 2012 was a momentous day for the precious metals markets. Gold and silver were slammed from 10am EST onward. Millions of ounces of unbacked paper gold and silver stampeded into the markets, destroying all weak holders in the process. But one must wonder how many real weak metals holders are left. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke testified before Congress today, and coincidentally, precious metals raids often occur before, during, and after his testimony. 

It's interesting to note the purchasing power of silver has been increasing over the past 50 years. In the early 1960's one silver dollar bought about four gallons of gasoline. Today, the same silver dollar buys around 8 gallons, but it has gone as high as 12 gallons. So much for paper based "assets."

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"Ranting" Andy--Leap Year Only Comes Once Every Four Years, But The Fed Intervenes Every Day--02-29-2012

"Ranting" Andy Hoffman made a special appearance today to discuss one of the most transparent Fed moves in recent memory. Today "Da Boyz" put the brakes on gold and silver. The unbacked Paper Silver and Paper Gold was flowing like Tanqueray and Tonic at a Charlie Sheen rehab party! While these one day results have been quite impressive, the US will be in financial rehab for decades to come. This and so many other market manipulations have all but destroyed any semblance of a Free Market Economy.

What we are witnessing now is nothing short of a financial cataclysm that will leave an impression on the financial world similar to that of the Grand Canyon on the geological landscape. The nation will be divided between those who have the precious metals and those who wish they had it. Time is running short. 

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Bob "The International Forecaster" Chapman is watching the precious metals raid and even he can't believe the depth and depravity of the efforts the Elite are using to stop gold and silver's rallies dead in their tracks. According to Bob, and we must agree, the raid will fail. It can't work in the long term, the underlying fundamentals show that fiat currencies are going the way of the buggy whip and the floppy disk. This is just another part of the concerted effort to try and undermine our faith in precious metals and jack up the confidence in paper currencies/ assets. But just like the London Gold Pool of the 1970's, you can't change the course of a market with platitudes. The market always speaks truth to power. 

The only way to stop the advance of precious metals, would be a massive increase in interest rates and a reversals of Quantitative Easing to Infinity. Realistically, what are the chances of this occurring? About the same as the United States and the World voluntarily going back on a gold standard. And while this may be the final result, there's a lot of manipulation and play that will take place before it happens. 

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