Danielle Park and I connected for a discussion of that most scarce commodity on Wall Street, morality. Yes, there's widespread thievery taking place in the financial system and nobody seems to care. Will Michael Lewis's new book be the impetus for massive change of the system? Danielle thinks it will be, but I'm not so sure. Time will tell. 

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James Turk's new book The Money Bubble is nothing, if not timely. We talk about how the current system is way beyond Keynsian, it's virtually certain to end in another crisis. All the signs are there, but few wish to recognize them. We also discuss how the gold standard should be listed in the Bill of Rights. As Mises said it does more to protect civil liberties from despotic governments than anything else. We'll soon see why. 

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We connected with former Congressman John LeBoutillier about the upcoming elections and the prospect for a Republican takeover of the Senate. So far, we've hear absolutely nothing of the prospective majority's plans for the replacement of the nightmare called Obamacare. If they are to succeed, a plan be proposed and implemented at some point. Then the fireworks will begin. 

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John Rubino of DollarCollapse.com joined us for our regular Monday discussion. Talk quickly turned to High Frequency Fraud. Is this the straw that will break the banks' and Wall Street's back. Will it cause the public to finally reject the entire financial system and walk away? There's an awakening taking place. The people are tired of being shorn of their hard earned savings. Does it all end here? If not now, when? 

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We first met Larken Rose in Philadelphia at an End the Fed/Ron Paul Rally. It was a cold rainy day, but thousands chose to attend, despite the weather. Larken has chosen to confront the government and the ruling class at every opportunity. He has put his own personal safety aside because he believes the truth is too important. He is convinced we are winning. 

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The Reverend Robert A. Sirico is President of the Acton Institute, who's stated mission is "To promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles." Can raising the minimum be moral when it results in the weakest people losing their employment, or causes those who are least employable to never obtain employment? The obvious answer is no. Raising the minimum wage causes companies to increase automation and eliminate lower paying jobs. We've seen it over and over again. 

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Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Japan sales tax hike takes effect;
    Nikkei flat for 12 months;
    Japanese GDP flat;
    Government approval rating tanking;
    Sec Def Hagel committing to defending Japan against China;
    Is China Lehman Brothers;
    Schiller says China’s problems are the world’s problems;
    ECB has 1 Trillion Euro’s QE;
  • NFP 3 percent 'buff said 2.68 today;
    Mortgage originations hit all time low;
    Ukraine is not de-escalating;
    Non-dollar deals picking up;
    What will it take to prevent 2008 redux. 
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For the 7th year running New York State has the dubious honor of being the highest taxed state in the nation. It's citizens are even taxed more than California, New Jersey and Connecticut. Is it any wonder why people are fleeing to lower taxes states like Texas and Florida. When the situation gets intolerable, people vote with their feet. 57 percent of all cigarettes in the Empire State have been smuggled in from lower taxed states as well. If you're going to smoke, move to Virginia or Missouri. It's a much better deal. 

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Dave Kranzler was on talking about the end of the so-called real estate recovery. Looks like the signs of the real estate recovery were greatly hyped. Now it's looking quite bleak once again, unless you're a foreigner looking for a green card. Watch closely for the next phase of the crash, it's well under way. Dave also gives a couple of good miners that well poised for the next precious metals prices surge. 

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Keith Schaefer is one of the best energy analysts out there. After watching the natural gas draw down this winter and record price spikes, utlities have been on a spring buying spree. In the next two weeks, we'll find out if their spree is over or whether they'll keep buying. This will determine whether prices stay firm or whether they'll collapse. Oil prices have remained surprisingly steady and will probably remain so, depending upon the Saudis. Ethanol prices have been all over the board and Keith is keeping a hands-off attitude. If next winter is like this one, imagine where prices could go.

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Ann McIndoo is an expert at helping people to write their book and tell their story. She's even written a book about it entitled, 7 Easy Steps To Write Your Book. Using her system you can do it easy and quickly and market your book to your audience successfully. Ann's an expert who will help you clear the hurdles to success.  

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Oftentimes your business is your largest asset. If you haven't done proper succession planning, then you need to speak with someone like Dave Franzetta. Whether you're going to hand it down to your children or sell it to investors, you need a plan. That's where Dave comes in. He'll help you figure out an exit strategy, so you can rest easy in retirement. 

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We hadn't spoken with Jason Hamlin of GoldStockBull.com in a while. He sees a golden era ahead for the precious metals and the miners too. Prices for any commodity can't stay below the price of production for an extended period of time and that's certainly the case for gold and silver. Combine this with the exploding demand for the physical metals and you've got a recipe for increasing prices ahead. We also discussed bitcoin and what it means for fiat currencies in the future. Jason believes that bitcoin's future is bright and now's a good time to get involved. 

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Thom Reilly was Manager of Clark County Nevada. Now he's teaching and trying to reform the public pension system before it crashes and burns. There's definitely a movement afoot to mend it before the inevitable occurs. The ultimate decisions will be made by the courts. First in Detroit and California, but then in other places. Do judges possess the skills to make multi-trillion dollar decisions? Probably not, but then who does? 

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Charles Hugh Smith stands out on the internet. A prolific writer and blogger, he's been a big proponent of the localization movement. Keeping your money and investments close to home. Now that movement is going global. We're seeing it in places like Greece, Japan and all over. As the prevailing financial order continues its implosion, the trend is going to go critical on fronts. That's what Charles and I are counting on. 

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Mickey's March Major Market Report

  • Stock markets static with TSX up TSX.V up
  • Gold and Silver Platinum down Palladium up, Copper down 
  • Energy down
  • Dollar and Euro static, yield on 10yr up slightly


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James Corbett of the renowned Corbett Report joined us to give you latest look at what's really going on in Asia. The Japanese have soured on Abenomics. The economy is down, money printing has lost its magic and the people are disenchanted, but the game goes on. In China the economy is slowing which has led to a bit of a panic by the powers that be. Where it will wind up is anyone's guess. But a lot of capital has taken flight. No one wants to be left taking the blame. 

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Don Watkins of the Ayn Rands Institue was just getting ready for a debate at the University of Wisconsin when we caught up with him. What a great venue to discuss the price tag of the welfare state and how badly the young will get penalized for its many failures. Like any good Ponzi Scheme, the people who get in first (the elderly) reap its benefits, while the latecomers (the young) get stuck footing the bill. No doubt the New Deal programs and Obamacare will work out exactly the same way. 

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Dana Meador is a CPA, Money Manager and Financial Expert. She manages money for wealthy clients. She's concerned that entitlements have gone from 4% to 11% percent fo the budget. She's also worried that public pensions need an annual 8% return and will be unable to get anywhere near that. She believes they'll be depleted in 6-7 years, like Detroit is now. This and a whole host of other reasons leaves her extremely concerned about the future of the country. 

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Elijah Johnson is a high school senior with a love for Austrian Economics. Unfortunately, there's not many more like him. Home schooled, he's been pursuing a life-long love of learning. This has brought him to the same conclusion as Thomas Jefferson that banks cannot be trusted and that gold and silver are the only real money. 

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