I'm halfway through Michael Lewis's book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. I wish I could say there was anything in there that surprised me. What a shocker, Wall Street is rigged. Since the first share was sold to an unsuspecting public, the markets have always been rigged. It's just that technology allows it to be done on a scale never before imagined. Just like spying on your phone calls or emails or texts. Governments have been spying on their citizens since the beginning of time, it's just that technology makes it so damn easy. And governments have been rigging the markets too. And now they never stop. 

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Rick Ackerman is a trader's trader. As a result he's usually focused on the short term looking to make a profit where he can. He's amazed that the grand illusion, the existing stock market scam, has gone on for as long as it has. As a perma-bear he thinks it's just about run its course, but as a trader he's never sure about anything. But he sure likes the June gold contract. 

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Jan Skoyles is one of those rare people, a young person who has read history and understands the value of sound money. She is Head of Research at The Real Asset Company, a platform for secure and efficient gold investment. Jan first became interested in precious metals and sound money when she met Ned Naylor-Leyland whilst working alongside him in the summer of 2010. She sees gold and bitcoin doing quite well in 2014 and beyond. 

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