Good news on the medical front for yours truly. More news on government intrusion. How about those Bundy's. Can they keep pulling it off like this? Don't refill your softdrink in a government building without paying or you're in for a huge fine. 

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According to Regina Cates, we live in an egocentric society. Our behavior creates our lives, yet we point the finger at everyone else if life isn’t going as well as we’d hoped. She explains the underlying issue behind this me-first epidemic: most people believe someone else is responsible for their happiness. While we can’t control
other people or situations, we do have a choice in how we respond to them.  Regina and I discussed real life examples of making those choices, and why shrugging off jerks and setting personal boundaries can help you lead a more meaningful life – and avoid getting sucked into the blame game. Regina Cates’ book, “Lead with Your Heart: Creating a Life of Love, Compassion, and

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Our sponsor Jason Hartman joined us for a review of real estate markets and where are opportunities are still available. While prices have gone up, there are still markets where investors in single family homes can still get good deals and very attractive returns. Jason's been at it for so many years, he's an expert at finding those overlooked markets. We also discussed alternative investments and what other choices you have in investing your extra funds.  

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John Rubino and I connected for our Monday morning discussion.
        Imagine if you threw a bond auction and nobody showed up:
       The flagship piece of paper in the world’s third largest economy;
       Nobody wants it—.6 per year interest;
       Central bank winds up buying it;
       Some other country has to buy it, is arms length?
       In a world that isn’t manipulated this would be a screaming short.
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Mondays with Andrew Hoffman
  • Newmont and Barrick merger—fact or fiction;
  • De-escalation the equivalent of tapering and recovery;
  • Sunday night sentiment attacks alive and well;
  • Japan’s 36th monthly trade deficit;
  • Death of markets—36 hours not a single buyer for Japanese debt;
  • Miserable earning season going on but Dow doesn’t care.
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