Steve Simpson is the director of Legal Studies at the Ayn Rand Institute. He believes that the latest SCOTUS case Mccutchen v. FEC which eliminated the aggregate limit on individual campaign contributions. Steve thinks this is a blow for free speech as limiting how much money one can contribute is tantamount to limiting one's right to free speech. It will be interesting to see how the few remaining campaign contribution limits hold up in future court decisions. 

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Danielle Park and I connected for a discussion of that most scarce commodity on Wall Street, morality. Yes, there's widespread thievery taking place in the financial system and nobody seems to care. Will Michael Lewis's new book be the impetus for massive change of the system? Danielle thinks it will be, but I'm not so sure. Time will tell. 

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James Turk's new book The Money Bubble is nothing, if not timely. We talk about how the current system is way beyond Keynsian, it's virtually certain to end in another crisis. All the signs are there, but few wish to recognize them. We also discuss how the gold standard should be listed in the Bill of Rights. As Mises said it does more to protect civil liberties from despotic governments than anything else. We'll soon see why. 

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We connected with former Congressman John LeBoutillier about the upcoming elections and the prospect for a Republican takeover of the Senate. So far, we've hear absolutely nothing of the prospective majority's plans for the replacement of the nightmare called Obamacare. If they are to succeed, a plan be proposed and implemented at some point. Then the fireworks will begin. 

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