Barry Stuppler is the voice of experience in the precious metals markets. He's been doing it longer than just about anyone. While he'd like to see prices busting out and heading for record territory, that's just not the way that markets work. But he's confident that prices are headed in the right direction. 

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Danielle Park joined us today for our bi-weekly chat. We go way deep into the whole high frequency trade/fraud scam. Danielle talks about what it's actually meant to her and her high net worth clients and what she's actually looking to do about it now. You'll find there's many layers to this onion. 

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Lowell Ponte, our old friend talks about Thomas Piketty who is a rock-star economist, according to Heidi Moore of the UK's Guardian newspaper. His idea is tried and true among Marxist Economists, just take from the wealthy and redistribute to the poor. How original can you get? 

Hysterically she asks, "Can he re-write the American dream?" 

We talk about the Cuban Dream of free things for everyone and how well that worked out and is working now. Piketty's dream will work out equally well no doubt. 

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Ross Kenneth Urken of and joined us today to talk about the Springsteen Effect. You know it well, when the wealthy talk about how Main Street is getting shafted by the wealthy and Wall Street, but neglect to mention that they happen to be members of the dreaded 1 Percent. Some might call it hypocrisy.

Also we discussed the emerging 420 market is getting ready to take off. We talk about one stock in the UK that's getting ready. 

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