We hadn't spoken with Jason Hamlin of GoldStockBull.com in a while. He sees a golden era ahead for the precious metals and the miners too. Prices for any commodity can't stay below the price of production for an extended period of time and that's certainly the case for gold and silver. Combine this with the exploding demand for the physical metals and you've got a recipe for increasing prices ahead. We also discussed bitcoin and what it means for fiat currencies in the future. Jason believes that bitcoin's future is bright and now's a good time to get involved. 

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Thom Reilly was Manager of Clark County Nevada. Now he's teaching and trying to reform the public pension system before it crashes and burns. There's definitely a movement afoot to mend it before the inevitable occurs. The ultimate decisions will be made by the courts. First in Detroit and California, but then in other places. Do judges possess the skills to make multi-trillion dollar decisions? Probably not, but then who does? 

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Charles Hugh Smith stands out on the internet. A prolific writer and blogger, he's been a big proponent of the localization movement. Keeping your money and investments close to home. Now that movement is going global. We're seeing it in places like Greece, Japan and all over. As the prevailing financial order continues its implosion, the trend is going to go critical on fronts. That's what Charles and I are counting on. 

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Mickey's March Major Market Report

  • Stock markets static with TSX up TSX.V up
  • Gold and Silver Platinum down Palladium up, Copper down 
  • Energy down
  • Dollar and Euro static, yield on 10yr up slightly


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James Corbett of the renowned Corbett Report joined us to give you latest look at what's really going on in Asia. The Japanese have soured on Abenomics. The economy is down, money printing has lost its magic and the people are disenchanted, but the game goes on. In China the economy is slowing which has led to a bit of a panic by the powers that be. Where it will wind up is anyone's guess. But a lot of capital has taken flight. No one wants to be left taking the blame. 

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