Don Watkins of the Ayn Rands Institue was just getting ready for a debate at the University of Wisconsin when we caught up with him. What a great venue to discuss the price tag of the welfare state and how badly the young will get penalized for its many failures. Like any good Ponzi Scheme, the people who get in first (the elderly) reap its benefits, while the latecomers (the young) get stuck footing the bill. No doubt the New Deal programs and Obamacare will work out exactly the same way. 

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Dana Meador is a CPA, Money Manager and Financial Expert. She manages money for wealthy clients. She's concerned that entitlements have gone from 4% to 11% percent fo the budget. She's also worried that public pensions need an annual 8% return and will be unable to get anywhere near that. She believes they'll be depleted in 6-7 years, like Detroit is now. This and a whole host of other reasons leaves her extremely concerned about the future of the country. 

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Elijah Johnson is a high school senior with a love for Austrian Economics. Unfortunately, there's not many more like him. Home schooled, he's been pursuing a life-long love of learning. This has brought him to the same conclusion as Thomas Jefferson that banks cannot be trusted and that gold and silver are the only real money. 

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