Paul LeJoy came to America from Africa and saw that it was still the land of opportunity. While others complained and believed that they couldn't get ahead, Paul plowed ahead and built up a real estate empire. Now he helps others do the same. On a recent trip back to his homeland in Africa, he saw that little has changed. His fellow country men are just sitting around waiting for the government to come to their rescue and it's not happening.  

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We spoke with Martin Armstrong today about the Blood Moon, the Death of the Dollar, the crumbling Euro and the ascent of China. While he sees China becoming the leading world economy-eventually, he doesn't see the dollar dying off as quickly as others do. Mainly because there's no other currency to take its place at the present time. The war cycle is heating up at the same time as civil unrest cycle, the first time this has happened since the 1700's. Also the first of 4 Blood Moons has just passed. The last will pass just as the Sovereign Debt Big Bang goes off in the third quarter of 2015. Interesting times ahead that's for sure. 

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Brandi Jo Newman was born into a family of bankers, cattlemen, oilmen and good ol’ boys. She learned at an early age how to communicate with different personalities and egos. Her goal now is to help her clients, many of them baby boomers, to save their retirement. She does this with the concept of infinite banking, which uses whole life insurance to lock in and compound savings and high returns. 

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