Alasdair McLeod joined us today. Looks like Quantitative Easing isn't going so well. First Quarter GDP growth in the US was negligible. Is it time to step on the monetary accelerator again? Worldwide economies are looking bad. But the Keynsians just want to take from the rich and the not so rich and give to the poor and not so poor. Piketty's book is taking the Continent by storm. Karl Marx is making a comeback. Where it will end is anyone's guess, but Krugman is looking 10 years younger. 

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Attorney Edwin Marger believes that our rights are under assault and that the Supreme Court has done nothing to stop it and will do nothing in the future. It is up to the American People to take their rights back. So far they have stayed asleep, but perhaps sometime in the future a tipping point will be reached and the sleeping giant will awaken. 

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Tax Expert Sandy Botkin was back. We were talking about record retention. While there are different time periods required for different types of tax records, your best bet is just to hold on to everything forever. That way, if you ever need it you'll have it. When it comes to an audit or a complicated tax retun, don't do things yourself, hire a professional. They know how to deal with the IRS and the Treasury. 

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