No matter what the Fed does in the current economic state, the market seems to act like a palindrome. I have Jeff Clark on the podcast to discuss what exactly is happening in the markets, and how deficits are playing into this. We address gold and silver as well to break down how mining companies are functioning at the moment, and how to effectively invest in this sector. Tune in for more.

-The market seems to act like a palindrome, no matter what the Fed does
-People in mining stocks had to show good performance in the market to their clients
-We’ve never seen money printing at the extent of what it’s at now
-The deficits are going to be running trillions of dollars for years to come
-In the past year, more money went into the stock market than in the last 20 years combined
-There will be another leg up in gold and silver
-The concern is that the next leg up could be bigger than is desired
-Debt levels are higher than ever
-The day for gold and silver is going to come—it’s almost inevitable
-We’re living in a circumstance where the more speculative something is, the more value it has
-Mid tier mining companies will probably get bought out by the minors
-The attractive deposits out there are the ones you want to hold on to
-Government policies are restricting supply while increasing demand

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