To reflect on this past year and think about the future ahead, I have Robert Kientz on the show to discuss what’s happening and where we’re going from an economic standpoint. There’s few ideas about what the long-term consequences of inflation should be, but regardless of the persisting global health issues, we have been headed down this road for quite some time. There are a number of things to expect whether the health crisis gets resolved or not—tune in to hear more.

-Robert Kientz comes on the show to wrap up the year in terms of what’s happening and where we’re going
-The global health issues seem to be reaching a crescendo
-Many fiscal, budget, and spending limits have been removed
-There’s no thought anymore for what the long-term consequences should be, especially around inflation
-Only 50% of millennial that attend universities find jobs in their fields
-We have also started to ask where income really comes from
-Even though the pandemic largely affected the economic situation, we were already headed there anyways
-The Fed will have to choose between the beginning of the debt collapse or printing more
-You can protect yourself by not getting into too much debt and having assets
-If we move up one more percentage point, we will probably experience a big crash
-There are some winners in Bitcoin and the stock market, but most people aren’t winning

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