Lawrence Leopard and I sit down to discuss things related to currency, inflation, and economy—which are fluctuating each day. We’re seeing digital money that sits alongside hard assets like gold, and the growth of unprecedented currencies that cause one to question the traditional notion of wealth and investing. Ultimately, we find that we are living amongst a broken monetary system that only becomes more complicated as time goes on. Tune in for more.

-Leopard is passionate about ‘honest money’ and hard assets—gold and silver
-Bitcoin is an important innovation
-The historic problem with creating electronic currency was the inability to control the supply
-We now have a scarce digital form of money that sits alongside gold; there is a place for both
-With Bitcoin the one crucial factor is not losing your key
-A lot of the coins have technological applications
-The world has never really seen a form of money with a hard cap
-Gold was the hardest form of money before Bitcoin came around—but even this asset gains supply annually
-From the perspective of economic historians, inflation has been occurring in phases for a long time
-More apparent recently has been the unavailability of products
-The pandemic has brought to light how broken the monetary system is
-Printing money does stimulate activity, but it also increases debt and inevitably leads to inflation
-The Fed is trapped, and may not be able to wriggle out of this trap
-Inflation benefits asset holders, but not the working or the common man
-Before 1913, there were no income taxes
-The average American suffers greatly in this system

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