We’ve been experiencing some intense gyrations in the markets and hearing about how inflation is impacting particular markets. I interview Chris Vermeulen to further discuss this topic, and this phenomenon seems to have a large impact on the precious metals. We’re at an inflection point with the metals, and the whole sector has been out of favor for a year now. In the midst of the late stages of a stock market top, the precious metals start to out-perform other sectors. It also looks as if bonds and the US dollar could hold up pretty well. Listen in for more on what to expect in the markets.

-We’re seeing lots of crazy gyrations in the markets
-We’re being advised not to worry about inflation, but that it’s hear to stay
-We saw gold pop and take off—gold is a good play for inflation. Yet, this was short-lived
-The Fed said they don’t see anything outside of the norm—which everyone bought into
-They did also mention not being prepared for cyber-attacks on the financial industry
-We haven’t seen a huge crisis yet in cyber-security on a global scale
-We’re at an inflection point with the metals—the whole sector has been out of favor for a year
-Gold and miners are all putting in a major bottom
-We’re in the late stages of a stock market top, and this is when the precious metals start to out-perform other sectors
-Oil recently broke to the downside
-Bonds could hold up pretty well, and the US dollar has been holding up exceptionally well
-When there is fear, people move to the US dollar
-Hopefully things will fade back down in the next few years in terms of price

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In the current economy, we’re seeing employee shortages within a number of important jobs that assist us in day-to-day life. Why is this happening, and what are the implications? I sit down and chat with Aaron Clarey to discuss some of the industries that are taking hits. It seems that we’re missing a generation of laborers; individuals of the current generation more frequently opt to get university degrees and take jobs that are outside the realm of hospitality and manual labor. Our economy is seeing major shifts as a result—tune in to hear more on this.

-Aaron Clarey had some major projects he finished this year, and he just built a house
-There are not a surplus of skilled laborers available for building houses
-Building a house requires that you know how to do many things on your own (i.e. wiring lights, installations, etc.)
-Many people are opting to work in other jobs outside of the realm of hospitality, manual labor, etc.
-We’re missing a generation of laborers
-The labor shortages are probably going to become more and more acute as time goes on, and we’ll have to learn to fend for ourselves to some degree
-Many people think that particular jobs are beneath them, especially if they have received a university education
-It has never been easier for an industrious person to move and find employment fairly quickly
-There’s not a lot to buy right now because many products are out of stock

Some of the employment shortages:
-Tire technicians
-AC repairmen
-Restaurant kitchen workers
-Skilled tradesmen
-Fast food workers
-Big box store employees

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