There’s two sides to the debate about whether inflation is here to stay, and I talk to Jordan Roy-Byrne to hear his opinion on this topic. He points out that the market action we’ve been seeing alludes to the fact that inflation has peaked; long term rates have been coming down, bonds have rallied, and the metals are trading below their previous highs. We have to look at each year relative to the previous, so next year we may experience disinflation—where we still see inflation, but at a decreasing rate. Tune in for more.

-Is inflation here to stay? There’s two sides to this argument
-Natgas has come down, uranium has come up…what else is ahead?
-Long term rates have been coming down in recent months and bonds have rallied
-If you look at gold and silver, they’re trading well below their previous highs, and the same is true with the mining stocks
-Oil has probably peaked for the time being
-The market action screams that inflation has peaked
-Next year we may see disinflation
-Commodities have peaked as well
-Gold and silver have been correcting for 17 months now and remain pretty weak
-Every time the Fed has tapered in the last 7-8 years, real interest rates start to rise
-The picture in the coming months is not bullish for precious metals
-Inflation is here to stay, but it’s going to come down to a lower level next year
-They have to keep the whole system going—it would be catastrophic to let everything fail
-Each year is a comparison off of the previous one
-Oil and energy prices are big drivers
-We have to consider how long the Fed rate-hike cycle will last and what it will look like
-There is risk of a correction this coming year, but the market is not at risk of a crash just yet
-Precious metals take off when interest rates are higher

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