This year ultimately signified the return to non-normalcy in economic terms, and I sit down with Jerry Robinson to discuss some of the great things and tough things that came out of 2021. We have seen that inflation has a large effect on how many stocks/investment sectors are performing; moreover, it’s more important than ever to invest in high quality assets and aim for diversification. Tune in for more on what to expect in 2022 and how to prepare.

-This year signified the return to non-normalcy
-It has been both a great year and a tough year
-The Fed recently doubled its taper
-It’s important to understand what exactly inflation is; it is not when a merchant chooses to raise prices
-When the inflation headlines began to accelerate, gold and silver failed to respond—which is quite surprising
-Tesla is a huge play on the future
-Crypto is probably not going to peak until Q1 or Q2
-Commodities will probably have more upside in 2022
-It’s important to invest in high quality assets
-We saw the largest intervention in 2021 due to fear of a financial collapse
-We’re seeing a lot of new investors—particularly people that have never witnessed a stock market crash
-Real estate is a great space to be in, and it’s especially good to have diversification of investments as we enter the new year
-If you can leverage an asset and get a cash flow that reacts to inflation, then the inflationary environment can be beneficial for you

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