What’s happening with the financial markets? Here to speak on this is Brad Williams, who sits down with me to discuss the current economic situation. In consideration of the inflationary circumstances, the economic downfall will occur when the Federal Reserve has to mirror the inflation rate with the cost of money. We’re experiencing hyper-leveraging while embarking upon uncharted waters—seeing higher government debt than ever before and low interest rates. Tune in to hear more on what’s to come.

-It has been a bit of a bloodbath on Wall Street
-It’s hard to find good income producing real estate at an attractive cap rate, but it’s still a leveraged investment
-Is inflation transitory or intransigent? It’s both
-As long as interest rates remain where they are now, the stock market is going to remain an attractive place to put your money
-The market/economy downfall will occur when the Federal Reserve has to mirror the inflation rate with the cost of money
-Hyper-leveraging will cause this downfall
-It’s important to stay ahead of inflation
-We’re in uncharted waters because we’ve never had the amount of government debt we’ve had now with very low interest rates and a Congress that spends frivolously
-We’re getting to the end-game—you can’t inflate anymore or raise rates to control inflation
-The Fed is in the business of supporting the stock markets and the large banks
-If we keep doing what we’re doing, other countries can look ahead and other factors will come into play that will change the dynamic of investing forever

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