The markets have been tumultuous in all aspects, and I catch up with Eric Hadik to dive further into this topic and evaluate the trends. In consideration of stock market trends, these markets haven’t necessarily followed what we would normally expect, and the timing of the fallouts have come as a surprise. We have an interesting year ahead that will probably defy the expectations, so tune in to hear more about what could possibly be in store.

-Markets have been tumultuous—stock markets, interest rates, oil, etc.
-The stock market has been in the news a lot recently; the most important thing is to understand the bigger picture/1-2 year outlook and where we are within that
-For many years, there has been a consistent 16 month cycle in the stock market as well as 8 month cycles, etc.
-Throughout 2021, Hadisk thought we would see an initial peak in the May/June timeframe and a more significant peak in January/February of 2022
-A lot of individual stocks have already set peaks and are in a drawn-out topping process
-In the peak of January and February, even the stronger stocks will turn down
-The fallouts aren’t necessarily surprising, but the timing of the fallouts are
-Hadisk tries to avoid analyzing one market with a correlation to another market
-Gold and silver have pulled back and are in the process of making secondary lows, and some correlation could potentially help them
-Strength in the dollar is one of the factors that is weighing on gold, especially in light of inflation
-What do we make of the highs/low with the metals and energy markets? This has been a recovery and then some from the wash-outs of early 2020
-We have an interesting year ahead of us that will probably go against the contrary expectations
-There could be equilibrium, but if rates go higher and inflation goes down there could be a reverberation
-If we don’t see expanding growth, traders will get disappointed by numbers that are status-quo
-Steady growth is seen as a negative based on future expectations

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