When you have a valuable strategy, real estate investing can be extremely profitable—bringing in a revenue that can set you on the right track. I interview real estate investor and author Michael Bash to discuss the methods he has used to attain success in this industry; he largely attributes this success to re-zoning land in growing regions to build properties. Bash has a number of tips that can help you thrive in real estate investing, and you won’t want to miss them. Tune in to hear more.

-Some people see real estate investing as a gamble, but Bash sees it as profitable
-He started out by looking for land where he could build apartments and rent them out
-He put a down payment on a piece of land and re-zoned this area
-All that he initially invested was $15k total
-When trying to get a project approved it’s important to show people that it would benefit a community
-Bash is retired now but considers getting back into re-zoning
-Re-zoning industrial to residential is the best tactic
-All you need to do is check and see what cities are experiencing growth
-Re-zoning can take around 90 days in a small town, but in a may city you may wait 3 years
-Once the re-zoning is approved, your profit is exponential
-It is easiest to get land in small counties/cities re-zoned

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There are a number of factors that contribute to the increase in gold prices, so I sit down and speak with Todd “Bubba” Horowitz to discuss some of the possible contributions to this phenomenon. The Fed’s decision to increase interest rates has played a large role in this, and so have the decrease in industrial production and the overall decline of currencies. Tune in to hear more about why this is happening, and what to expect in the near future.

-The Fed is going to increase rates on Wednesday most likely
-Typically a raise in interest rates isn’t the best thing for precious metals
-Energy is twice as much as it was a year ago
-Industrial production around the world is going down
-The protracted decline of the Euro also plays a role in this
-With crypto, people are showing that they don’t believe in the value of paper money anymore
-We’re starting to see increased M&A activity in the sector
-This year, 20 times more money went into the stock market than the last 20 years combined
-Gold is one of the steadiest assets, even with its ups and downs throughout history
-We are showing weakness, which is a concern in the short-term

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