In November markets were making new highs all over the place until Thanksgiving Friday. That put a dagger in the hearts of stock markets and commodities alike. Dow off 3.7% 34484 and S&P 500 off .8% to 4567, Nasdaq held on to a .3%. Russell 2000 was slammed down 4.3%, TSX off 1.8%, and TSX.V posted a a 1.2% loss. VIX jacked up to 27.2 on the fear trade. The Dollar hit a multi-month high closing at 96.35 and the Euro was 2.2% to 1.13. 10 Year yield plunged  8.3% to 1.43. Bitcoin took a hit closing at 56974 down 6.1%.

Metals were doing well and that got major slammed. Gold was down .5% to 1775. Silver was 4.4% to 22.84. Pt was beat up losing 8.1% to 936. Pd was the big loser off 13.6% for the month to 1674. Copper off 2.6% to $4.35. WTI got creamed off 20.8% to 66.18. Brent followed suit off 16.4% to 70.57. Natgas skidded 15.8% to bring it to 4.57. Uranium pushed further higher by more Sprott buying up  6% to $45.60.

Ratios:  Au:Ag up 77.7, Pt:Au .53, Pt:Pd .56. BRT:WTI 1.07, WTI:HH 14.5, and AU:WTI 26.8.  

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Volume was up dramatically on Black Friday, which is incredibly interesting—I sit down and chat with Gil Baumgarten to discuss this as well as inflation, and trends in the stock market. In terms of buying stocks, Baumgarten’s company tends to look for lower yielding ones and has great technique for finding them. Tune in for more.

-We had a real Black Friday last Friday—volume was up dramatically
-All of the buys and sells are algorithmically generated
-The reality of inflation is starting to set in and people are becoming concerned
-It is always better to average up
-Baumgarten’s company would prefer to buy low yielding stocks
-Apple is not keeping up with inflation—it is yielding 2.2%
-Tesla is 5-10 years ahead of everyone else in terms of technology; it’s a computer on wheels
-Sometimes the price of the stock makes it not an investment but a gambler’s speculation
-Buying the VIX is a good idea, but don’t hang on to it for a long time

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The Markets Are in Flux, Will They Crash? with Gil Baumgarten
Markets Down; Big Surprise with Gil Baumgarten

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Unsurprisingly, the markets experienced a major meltdown over Black Friday—is it time to flee the market, or is this just another variant of financial disruption? I sit down and chat with Jeffrey Small to get the full picture of why this happened, and its relevance to the current economy. Thankfully, this disruption will most likely not mean much, and we will probably bounce back from the extreme inflation in the coming year. Tune in to get more insight.

-The market’s reaction on Friday was a knee-jerk reaction to the unknown
-Markets don’t like uncertainty
-This disruption probably won’t mean very much in consideration of the virus we’ve been living with for a while
-Inflation does create earnings growth, which is good for the market
-Investors need to buy companies that they know will have earnings growth
-The inflation we’re having now is excessive and will hurt the GDP growth
-Once we get past the holiday season, things will deflate and people won’t be spending as much on goods
-There is no reason as to why oil should be priced how it is today
-The government is directly responsible for oil trading at a high
-Are the tech stocks defensive? The Tesla stock is somewhat of a trend

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