Ellen Brown wrote recently that central banks hae the power to create national currencies with accounting entries, and they are traditionally very secretive. We are not allowed to peer into their books. It took a major lawsuit by Reuters and a congressional investigation to get the Fed to reveal the $16-plus trillion in loans it made to bail out giant banks and corporations after 2008. What is to stop a foreign bank from simply printing its own currency and trading it on the currency market for dollars, to be invested in the US stock market or US real estate market? What is to stop central banks from printing up money competitively, in a mad rush to own the world's largest companies? Evidently not much. China's central bank has been buying up stock both here and Europe with reckless abandon, wonder what their plan is.

We also discussed Ellen's recent run for California Treasurer and her ideas for a California public bank.

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Barry Stuppler and I have been talking about gold prices for years. The current price action is pretty much going according to his expectations. Barry isn't looking for a parabolic spike for the rest of 2014, but for 2015 all bets are off. That doesn't mean a black swan event won't occur that causes them to hit record levels soon, it's just that he doesn't think it's a likely scenario for the intermediate term, but hey-you never know!

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We sat down today with Bill Holter to discuss the extremely bad Q1 GDP numbers combined with the rapidly detriorating situation in the Middle East and the Ukraine. None of this bodes well for the Dollar and the United States or the existing world economic order. What happens next is anyone's guess but holding gold and silver is certainly a good idea, now more than ever. 

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The gold and silver markets are unfolding almost exactly as Ned Schmidt has been predicting for months. Ned says that the Street can't stay wrong for long. They're sending out their second quarter statements now so they're going to have to look for gains in other places and that means mining stocks. Ned says the Street is like ladies of the night and they don't care if there's a Firemen's convention or a Political convention in town, they're looking to cash in. So get ready. While gold's not going to 1900 this year, the trend is clearly in place. 

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