Jerry Robinson of joined us today. Last week his proprietary system was flashing a major buy signal for silver. And almost as if on cue, today it broke out big time. But Jerry's not surprised in the least. The world is a mess and so is the American Economy. With rampant money printing and declining economic activity it was inevitable. But Jerry has a way to profit from it all. 

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Jason Stevens is into resources investing, especially gold and silver. They've been beaten back for so long, especially the mining stocks that most of the risk has been removed. A look at the remaining uranium miners will prove the point. Food is another area where the potential for profit is enormous. It's all a matter of picking the right vehicles and patience. 

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Rick Ackerman says that the so-called Interesting Times are now spinning out of control. But never mind, the stock market is doing just fine each going into record high territory. But just in case that doesn't work out for you, there's gold and silver and they're starting to look extremely attractive to the rest of the planet, just not Americans. And make sure you take a look at Rick's new feature, his Friday Jackpot Bet. It could be a real winner. 

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Peter Grandich believes that this short covering rally is the beginning of the end for the precious metals manipulators. The old adage of never short a dull market has once again proven its wisdom. All of the weak sellers are out. The mining sector has been decimated and inflation is picking up. Add to that the emerging international desire for a dollar replacement and gold can't help but go higher. It's just a matter of timing.  

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It looks like it's happening. A precious metals breakout seems to be taking place. Where will it end? That's anybody's guess, but we think it's going to be big. Listen to our guests today who will have a lot to say about it. You don't want to miss it. Help support the show at

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