Jason Burack was back on the show after a long hiatus. He's deeply concerned about the state of the economy in the United States and the future of capitalism. As you might have guessed, Jason believes your best protection is precious metals, although there might be a crack-up boom along the way. Otherwise, if we keep moving at the current rate, the end result is clear. 

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Ned Schmidt says ignore the Street and focus on commodities and precious metals. Paper wealth isn't worth the paper it's printed on. We're living in the Champagne Economy. China needs food so you better believe that the price of agi-commodities is going up. And they're hoarding gold and silver so they're going up as well. So your long-term investment decisions are pretty easy. 

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Debra writes, "Americans seem content to stay put in their homes and that is bad news for homebuilders. According to a study from RateWatch, 81% of homeowners said they have no plans to purchase a different home. Less than 3% will be shopping for a home within the year. Why? They're happy with their house."

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Woody O'Brien, newsletter writer and born again farmer answers the question why the economic system hasn't collapsed once and for all. In his opinion the thieves who run the system are masters at kicking the can down the road. That and the fracking boom in the energy patch have kept employment up and kept things seemingly normal. But Woody believes that the day will come when it stops working and when it does watch out!

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