Professor Laurence Kotlikoff is concerned about the dollar and the stability of the world banking system. So much money has been printed to get the world economy through the last crisis. Will that money cause inflation? Will it cause a loss of faith? Will there be bank runs like in the 1930's? I assert that the age of the 1930's style bank run is over because of the death of cash. So you go to your bank and they give you a debit card with your life's savings. Then what? Where do you take it? Or they give you a bank check, where do you go then? Take it to another too big to fail bank and deposit it? Bank runs are obsolete. So we're all stuck with the bank we have now. 

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Manipulation Mondays
  • Cluster of 400 Institutions Collectively own $29 Trillion in Stocks;
  • Governments careening out of control;
  • Iraq and the Ukraine;
  • FOMC Meeting this week;
  • ECB Meeting last week;
  • US Economy bad stats;
  • US Supreme Court favors hedge funds over Argentina;
  • Social unrest in Brazil during the World Cup;
  • No one wants 2022 Winter Olympics.
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It's Monday, June 16, 2014. We've got an interview with Julian DW Phillips. He thinks that gold has almost certainly put in it's bottom and that the West is finished transferring it's gold to the East. This can only mean higher prices. Then we've got John Rubino talking about shocking developments in China and amazing No-Doc Loans to businesses; Andrew Hoffman's Manipulation Monday discussion and Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff returns. Don't forget to go to to support the show. 

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John Rubino of was on talking about the deteriorating situation in Iraq. Unlike the 1970's when the world economy was much stronger, can it withstand $150 or $200 per barrel oil? Probably not for too long. Did you know that China's central bank is now the world's largest holder of equities? How did that happen and what do they own? Banks are now making low and no documentation loans to businesses. That will end about as well as no doc loans to homeowners did.  

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Julian DW Phillips has a unique perspective on the precious metals market. Located in South Africa, along with the benefit of decades of experience, Julian sees that gold is being re-monetized and the supply is diminishing. This means that the value is going way higher. In addition, the balance of economic power is shifting from West to East. It's all about to hit the fan and you need to be ready. 

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