Howard Davidowitz says that we're in an economic depression and have been for years. The government is lying to us and won't take the actions necessary to solve it. The solution will require everyone to share the pain. Eventually we won't be able to print anymore money and then it will be game over. He's telling you what you've been hearing on FSN for years. How much longer will it be? 

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Are you on the NSA's target list? We might be and the same with you. There's been no way of knowing, until now or soon anyway. Snowden got a copy and it's going to be realeased by Glenn Greenwald on the site Then we'll all know the truth about whom the government considers a threat and I believe the results will be shocking. We also discuss the truth about Fracking. You might be surprised. And there's more, so have a listen. 

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Bob Hoye, keen student of historic past credit busts and booms, believes that gold is at or near its bottom and will now begin its long term move upward. Stocks and bonds conversely will begin their move down. Other than short term treasuries, things will be extremely difficult there. The US dollar should remain fairly stable in spite of the country's major problems, as there really is no alternative. 

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